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Rabbits, like many other animals, first served as livestock. Today they are our companions. Every year there are more and more owners of this fur, and so – questions and problems related to the maintenance of rabbits. – Rabbits, especially miniature rabbits, are cute, but remember they have their own “character”. That’s why proper care, grooming and visits to the vet are imperative — said Iwona Sztejerwald, a rabbit breeder, in an interview with the Four.

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Some people think that adopting a rabbit is an alternative to a dog or a cat. However, keep in mind that they also have their own requirements. – A rabbit will never be as close as a dog or a cat. These animals are not recommended for children. Rabbits become stressed, reacting to loud noises and fast movements. They often panic, run away. They don’t like spines on their hands – emphasizes Magdalena Supińska, a veterinarian. – A rabbit needs as much, if not more, attention than a cat. It is well known that you should go for a walk with a dog, not a cat or a rabbit. If you bring a rabbit home, you need to secure the whole apartment, because they are animals that explore the world with their teeth – she adds.

Everyone has heard about the rabbit-bitten cables. These animals can also “taste” doors, wall corners, and furniture. With a rabbit, a phone charger or headphones are not safe “for a while”.

Magdalena Supińska draws attention to the possibility of isolating the rabbit at home. – Unfortunately, rabbits like to settle on soft ground – beds and sofas are at risk – he warns. – It is worth thinking that the rabbit should not have access to any part of the apartment.

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Rabbits are often treated as cage animals. Kacper Kowalczyk’s guy definitely disagrees. – These animals in nature are active all the time, they run, eat, chase each other. We can’t keep the rabbit in a cage all the time – he stresses. – We have to fill a large space for him – he adds.

When a rabbit comes home, it needs time to adjust. Petting, hand feeding, but not carrying helps. – In nature, rabbits are victims, they defend themselves by escaping, but they do not like to be taken from above, they do not like to be touched from above. You need to tame them slowly – says the specialist. “If this animal feels threatened, it may bite or scratch,” he adds.

12:08 foursome you can do it on 18-04-2022.mp3 How we take good care of rabbits in our homes – suggests Magdalena Supińska, a veterinarian (Dajesz radę / Czwórka)

Care and treatment

Rabbits have beautiful, cuddly fur. They often change their thick coat to a lighter one in the spring. Magdalena Supińska points out that they often moult all year round. – These animals cannot vomit. The eaten hair often causes constipation in the rabbit – he points out. – To prevent this, we recommend combing, clipping or manually pulling the hairs out of their mouths. There are decompressing syrups on the market, but in my opinion they only support, not preventative – he adds.

The rabbit diet can be quite challenging. Many owners feed their pet the way it was done years ago. Rabbits grow teeth all their lives. These teeth need to be sanded. It is a myth that rabbits grind their teeth against the cob or dry bread. In a rabbit, a tooth rubs against a tooth. It’s best with fiber-rich foods, such as grass or hay — he stresses. – In addition, to be healthy, the rabbit must eat its own cecotrophs — sort of its own feces that looks and smells different from rabbit pellets — he adds. – This stool is a vitamin bomb, that’s where the rabbits get their proteins.

Poor rabbit diet also leads to obesity problems. – Excess weight leads to problems with the spine, joints, skin irritations and an increased risk of surgical interventions – explains the doctor.

Magdalena Supińska also draws attention to the protection of outgoing rabbits. He warns the owners to vaccinate their animals against three popular infectious diseases, ensure protection against weather conditions – rainfall or too strong sun, as well as against predators. After the “rabbit walks” season, he recommends conducting tests for the presence of parasites.

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Leads: Kacper Kowalczyk

Guest: Magdalena Supinska (veterinary surgeon)

Release date: 18.04.2022

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