Tie-break has settled the first game of the Tauron League final!

A good serve was the key to the Cheeks’ victory in the set that opened the final competition. Thanks to a series of good services from Martyna Czyrniańska, Chemik was able to build up a lead after an even start (13: 9). Later, Martyna Łukasik (17:13) added an ace and in the end the hasty home side gave the rivals no voice. When Łukasik, who was in good spirits in this set, completed the long rally, it was 21:16. Later, the same player won the set ball (24:18), and in the last action, the visitors ruin the service (25:19).

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The second edition took place in favor of volleyball players from Rzeszów. The home side went chasing after the result, first recovering after the Czyrniańska ace (9:9), but halfway through the set the Developerres players successfully rebuilt their lead. When it was 3:19 pm the cheeks started to catch up again. A series of successful attacks by Czyrniańska and Jovana Brakocevic-Canzian followed and the visitors’ advantage quickly diminished (19:19). Seta was settled by three actions since 10:22 PM. Brakocevic-Canzian served an ace, Łukasik showed a successful attack and the score block brought the score to 25:22.

The volleyball players of Developres started the third game successfully (4:8), but halfway through the set they got another break and the home team made up for the losses (16:16). The point-for-point battle began and eventually the set was decided. This time, the inhabitants of Rzeszów were the top, and Kara Bajema became the heroine in their ranks. The American host completed three important balls, one of which ended the set (22:25).

The fourth episode is an effective start to the cheeks (4:0). At the score of 8:5, quarterback Marlena Kowalewska sustained an injury, who had to leave the field. She was replaced by Naiane De Almeida Rios, but such a sudden change could not but affect the course of the match. The visitors immediately ruled out the home team’s lead (12:12) and later took the initiative. In the end, the cheeks lost 17:22, but managed to make point contact – after Łukasik’s attack it was 22:23. However, two more runs were scored by the visitors, namely Dominika Witowska, who first showed an effective attack and then a block (22:25).

The first final match ended with a tiebreak and it can be said without exaggeration that it was a theater of one actress in the beginning. Brakocevic-Canzian presented himself effectively in the attack and thanks to her series in the service field, the home team was able to take a solid lead (10: 3). The players from Rzeszów still tried to chase the result, but were unable to make up for such a loss. Czyrniańska won the match ball (14:9), the opponents defended themselves in three actions, but the game ended the match (15:12).

Most points: Jovana Brakocevic-Canzian (29), Martyna Lukasik (23), Martyna Czyrniańska (14), Agnieszka Kąkolewska (10) – Chemist; Kara Bajema (29), Jelena Blagojević (18), Bruna Honorio Marques (10), Magdalena Jurczyk (10) – Developers. MVP: Jovana Brakocevic-Canzian (25/61 = 41% attack efficiency + 2 service aces + 2 blocks).

Grupa Azoty Chemik Police – Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów 3: 2 (25:19, 25:22, 22:25, 22:25, 15:12)

Chemist: Marlena Kowalewska, Martyna Czyrniańska, Agnieszka Kąkolewska, Jovana Brakocevic-Canzian, Martyna Łukasik, Iga Wasilewska – Maria Stenzel (libero) and Naiane De Almeida Rios, Katarzyna Połeć, Bojana Milenković, Marta. Coach: Marek Miesmienski.
Developers: Anna Stencel, Katarzyna Wenerska, Kara Bajema, Magdalena Jurczyk, Bruna Honorio Marques, Jelena Blagojević – Aleksandra Szczygłowska (libero) and Izabella Rapacz, Julia Bińczycka, Ann Kalandadze, Dominika Witowska. Coach: Stephane Antiga.

Play-off league status (maximum three wins) 10 for chemist† The second meeting will take place on Thursday 5 May in Rzeszów.

2021/22 Tauron League Final:

chemist (1) – Developers (2) 10

2022-05-01: Grupa Azoty Chemik Police – Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów 3: 2 (25:19, 25:22, 22:25, 22:25, 15:12)

2022-05-05: Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów – Grupa Azoty Chemik Police (Thursday, 5.30 pm; broadcast – Polsat Sport)

2022-05-08: Grupa Azoty Chemik Police – Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów (Sunday, 5.30 pm; broadcast – Polsat Sport)
2022-05-11: Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów – Grupa Azoty Chemik Police (Wednesday; possible)
2022-05-15: Grupa Azoty Chemik Police – Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów (Sunday; possible).


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