snails. Weakened Kolejarz no chance in Pozna. Rune Holt the hero of Scorpions

SpecHouse PSŻ Poznań defeated Bedmet OK Kolejarza Opole 52:38 in the 4th round of the 2nd Speedway League. The score from the guests could have been better, had it not been for Pontus Aspgren’s presence and the guests’ technical staff making a surprising decision ahead of the meeting.

Szymon Michalskic

Rune Holt

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Malec / In the photo: Rune Holta

Only on the day of the match it was revealed that Rune Holta, who suffered a lot during the match in Rzeszów last week, will play against Bedmet OK Kolejarz Opole. However, the veteran competitor supported SpecHouse PSŻ Poznań on the first day of May and thanks to him the Skorpions were able to enjoy the victory at 52:38.

The guests, on the other hand, started the meeting in Pozna with Pontus Aspgren in the squad, but the Swede never appeared under the belt and was replaced from regular and tactical reserves. Most likely this is the result of a fall in the qualifying round for the SEC Challenge.

However, it is a surprise that in such a situation, Bedmet OK Kolejarza’s training staff has not decided to replace the player for Andrei Kudriaszov, which is allowed under the regulations. This would give Opole residents more options to implement the changes.

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Then Karol Baran among others wouldn’t have to go three races because he looked terrible. Three zeros before an experienced player’s name doesn’t make him proud. The nearly 41-year-old was behind his rivals, which in the absence of one senior was a major problem for Kolejarz

From the very beginning, the players of SpecHouse PSŻ Poznań, who first developed an advantage and then kept it, presented themselves much better. Tomasz Bajerski’s attacks came out well from under the tape, which was a big help, as the Pozna oval was not conducive to long-range combat.

Words of appreciation are due to Francis Gusts. The young Latvian was incredibly quick and his only defeat was in the nominated point. There is no doubt that the transfer to PSŻ was a bull’s eye.

On the guest side, each contestant had a weaker run. Adrian Cyfer rode on the checkered box and Oskar Polis did not write a “three” to his name. The lack of Pontus Aspgren or the player’s replacement for Andrei Kudriaszow was visible, which would certainly help the Opole residents to get more points out of Pozna.

In the end, SpecHouse won PSŻ Poznań at 52:38. The Bedmet OK Kolejarz players, on the other hand, have something to think about as they came out pale in comparison to the main favorite to get promoted to the back of PGE Ekstraliga.


SpecHouse PSŻ Pozna – 52 points
9. Kacper Gomolski – 8 + 1 (0.1.2*, 2.3)
10. Rune Holta – 11 + 1 (2*, 3.3, d, 3)
11. Robert Chmiel- 5 (3.2.0, -, -)
12. Kevin Fajfer- 2 + 1 (1 *, between, 1, -)
13. Jonas Seifert-Salk – 9 (2,3,0,3,1)
14. Francis Gusts – 13 (3,3,3,3,1)
15. Damian Ratajczak – 4 + 2 (2*, 1.1*, 0)

Bed with OK Kolejarz Opole – 38 points
1. Pontus Aspgren – 0
2. Karol Baran- 0 (0,0,0, -, -)
3. Oskar Polis – 7 + 1 (2.1.1*, 2.1, d)
4. Adrian Cyfer – 10 (1,3,2,1,3,0)
5. Jacob Thorssell- 12 (3,2,0,3,2,2)
6. Petr Chlupac- 1 (1.0, -, 0)
7. Jakub Krawczyk – 8 + 3 (1*, t, 2.2*, 1*, 2)

Run after run:
1. (67.50) Chmiel, Polis, Krawczyk, Gomólski – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. (66.93) Gusts, Ratajczak, Chlupac, Krawczyk

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