Renn: Polish sanctions against Russia have hit some of our local governments. They have no gas

It is one of the few municipalities in Poland to be supplied with gas by Novatek and included on the Polish sanctions list, which was announced on Tuesday. It contains 50 items, the names of Russian oligarchs and business entities, including Gazprom and Novatek Green Energy sp.Z oo based in Krakow.

Since when does Novatek supply gas to the municipality?

Przemysław Renn: I haven’t checked it thoroughly, but something from about ten years.

How long would this contract last?

In fact, as far as I remember, we had an open-ended gas distribution contract. As for electricity. Such contracts do not contain an end date.

How many residents and how many municipal entities have used this company’s gas?

We can say about five municipal institutions, including: kindergarten, school or the town hall itself plus 40 individual recipients, but the number of households is greater, because one residential community is more than a dozen households.

In conversion, this can be a maximum of 250 people, but also entrepreneurs, including sole traders, but also a producer of animal feeds. And in this case, the lack of gas is the main problem.

Do the kindergarten, school – function normally today – or are they closed due to lack of gas?

They function normally because the temperature in the building fluctuates around 20 degrees Celsius. Here the weather is our ally, but if the temperature in these buildings drops to 18 degrees or less, we will have to decide to close the facilities. Unfortunately there is no hot water now.

You can live without it for a few days. And do children get hot meals?

There is only catering at our school and kindergarten, so this food is delivered from outside.

Do you know when the gas can flow back to the municipality?

We are in constant contact with the voivode Wielkopolska, we are talking with him and the services, but no date is included in these conversations. All I hear about is that “conceptually we are working on a solution that can be implemented”. But there are no specifics.

Can residents who do not have gas in their homes count on help?

In the rest of the municipality, where there is no gas network yet, gas is sold in gas bottles. It is possible to obtain such a cylinder when adjusting the burners. For gas cylinders, there must be another burner. But an alternative temporary source is possible but only for the stove as we will not heat the building or heat the water for heating.

You can do that at home. Worse in kindergarten or school.

In the pots you can heat the water at home for washing, but that is not possible in settings.

Did Novatek warn the municipality that it would stop supplying gas after it was included in the sanctions list drawn up by the Ministry of Interior and Administration?

On Wednesday morning, Novatek announced that it would supply this gas, even though the company was on the list, but in the afternoon it was informed that this gas would not be available.

The management of the company decided to stop the gas supply, because this would be in violation of sanctions. And actually from Wednesday from 16 of this gas is missing.

Today I spoke to the president of Novatek, who said that if they had such a chance, they would love to resume gas deliveries, but now they can’t because they are on the sanctions list.

This is a stalemate unless a new supplier is found.

Well, but Novatek not only supplied us with gas, but also with the transmission grid.

It is indeed a very difficult situation.

This is. At the moment there are no solutions that would always be implemented, some concepts are being created.

I assume there is probably no legal basis for carrying out such activities that everyone is thinking about. It seems that a government agency takeover of this network would be best. However, this would already be nationalization.

And that would open the way to lawsuits and damages for this company

Yes of course.

Hopefully the matter will be cleared up soon.

May it be so. Two or three days without gas, everyone will make it one way or another, but if it lasts longer, it becomes very difficult.

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