Poisoned sea eagle, dead dog. Someone poisons the animals in Uszyce in the Oleski poviat

A bald eagle with symptoms of poisoning with a strong toxin was sent to the wildlife clinic in Łubniany. He was saved thanks to the immediate response of Uszyce’s host, who noticed the sick bird. It’s not the only one recently the case of a poisoned animal in this city† Someone is poisoning the foxes and other wild animals and pets.

– The bald eagle was saved thanks to the quick and decisive response of the host who found a bird in the field – says Marta Węgrzyn of the “Avi” Center for Wildlife Treatment and Rehabilitation in Opole, where the bird ended up last week. – The eagle was in very bad shape. Everything indicated that he was poisoned. He vomited terribly, literally choking on the vomit. While moving, he didn’t even try to defend himself, which is a disturbing symptom in a predator.

Bielik was transported to the “Avi” center in Łubniany. There was a significant amount of food in his crop, which was removed during the flushing at the clinic.

“We immediately connected IVs and administered drugs to neutralize the poison. Within hours, the poison was removed from the body, saving the animal’s life. In poisoning, the reaction speed is crucial. We also performed a blood test, which has already clearly confirmed the poisoning – reports Marta Węgrzyn.

Fortunately, the eagle’s condition quickly improved. – He began to stand on his feet, the next day he already flew, and three days after he was found, he moved through the aviary. It turned out to be a female, moreover, ringed. Thanks to the wedding rings, we learned that she hatched in 2019 in the province of Łódź.

Last Saturday, the eagle was marked with a GPS transmitter, through which it will be possible to follow its further fate and released into the wild. On the same day he covered more than 100 km.

A bald eagle has been found with a dead fox pup

– Everything indicates that the fox was poisoned and that the eagle was working on it – says Marta Węgrzyn. – This is not the first case in this city. According to information from the Eagle Conservation Committee, two poisoned sea eagles were found in Uszyce in 2011. Unfortunately one was already dead. The other was rescued in the center in Mikołów. I was also informed about further cases of poisoned animals in this area.

It turned out that the dog was less fortunate than the bald eagle, who paid with his life for a walk in the area

During the walk with the owner, the dog sniffed (on a leash) at the foxhole and most likely ate something that poisoned him. The poison worked right away. The animal had convulsions and severe diarrhea, and its mouth was foaming. The owner did not even manage to get to the vet, the dog died in her arms.

A few days earlier, a dead cat with no signs of bites was also found near the fox dens. Residents also reported a dead hare, raven and fox.

– Someone is disturbed by the foxes that live in this area – says Marta Węgrzyn. – Instead of protecting a chicken coop or aviaries from predators, someone prefers to poison animals. Yet poison is not selective. A dead fox will eat a bald eagle and will die. Another scavenger or predator that eats a bald eagle will also pay for it with his life. This is a never ending story, we are poisoning the whole environment.

When you put down the poison, you start a chain reaction

Using poison is not just harmful to one specific species that a person wants to get rid of for some reason. The venom can be eaten by another animal (also under strict protection or in danger of extinction). A mother who raises offspring can eat. The venom also acts on scavengers that feed on a poisoned animal.

A few years ago, a dozen white eagles were found dead in southern Poland, most likely victims of rodent poison.

– When exposing the poison, people do not think that our dogs and cats or other wild animals live in the environment, which are also exposed to such poison – explains the chairman of the foundation “Avi”. – For example, by poisoning mice, we also poison animals that help us eliminate rodents, such as barn owls, buzzards and martens.

The owner of the poisoned dog has filed a police report. Poisoning animals is a prohibited act, subject to animal cruelty, for which perpetrators can face up to three years in prison. In addition, the bald eagle is under strict protection.

What to do if you suspect poisoning?

If our pet has eaten the poison (symptoms include vomiting, drooling, weakness, diarrhea, convulsions, muscle tremors), reaction time is of great importance. The animal should be taken to the vet as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot help alone.

If we find a wild animal with symptoms of poisoning, we must also contact a specialized center as soon as possible. There we receive instructions on how to proceed.

Photo Opole Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals “Avi”

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