Ostrich in a giant. The famous animal escapes. The desire for freedom is strong in animals

Arthur Droddicak

The exciting news from Wrocław circulated in the media all over Poland: a crocodile that had escaped from a private farm was captured. However, there were many more such exotic escapes. Here are a handful of examples.

Escaping Ostrich from Szczecin

Ostrich finally caught! The search for the owner is now underway, the media in the north of the country report. An ostrich was captured in 2019 by a city hunter in the cemetery in ul. Bronowicka in Szczecin.

– We locked him up there so he wouldn’t run away and fall under the train because he was walking along the track – said an employee of the Municipal Services Institute. It was not easy, because ostriches are shy animals. However, it has not been established who owned the unruly ostrich.

– A few weeks earlier, the ostrich was seen by a police officer in Kołbaskowo. We inquired about the incident from the city fighter and a veterinarian from Szczecin – said police officer Katarzyna Leśnicka.

– We asked the owners of kennels in the neighborhood. No one has reported losses, so it is unknown where the ostrich comes from. Maybe from the German side?

The crocodile swam in Wrocław

Alligator in Wroclaw in Radzin. This information from walkers in 2020 has electrified the inhabitants of the city. Many have come to see the exotic reptile with their own eyes. On Sunday at 1 pm the crocodile was still swimming quietly in the pond in Rędzin.

Due to the great interest from residents and the media, the police quickly cordoned off the area with tape and established patrols so that no one would disturb the animal and not hurt it.

A little later, the reptile was caught by a specialized company.

Toxic Trwożnica in Krakow

Venomous snakes – two Camburian frogs – were wanted by police in 1994 in Kraków’s Planty Park. The snakes were in the luggage of a reptile breeder from a robbed train.
The thief took the breeder’s luggage, but he had to realize that the theft was not good for him and got rid of the snakes.
A venomous reptile was spotted sunbathing peacefully in the Planty Park, in the heart of the city. The next day, the second was found in a plastic bag in the corridor of the Kraków Krowodrza courthouse.
A venomous snake court expert captured both specimens and took them to his collection. The inhabitants of Krakow could breathe a sigh of relief.
The danger is over.

The unruly kangaroo in Goreń is big

A forest ranger from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Maciej Namieśnik, spotted a kangaroo on the road while traveling by car in June 2020. It turned out that the animal had left the Green School in Goreń Duży. An intensive search for an escaped person continued.

A dragon from Częstochowa waited in the asylum

A gray dragon – a lizard over three feet tall – spent several hours in 2003 at a shelter for homeless animals on Gilowa Street in Częstochowa.

– The dragon was captured by one of our employees who knows about these animals – said Małgorzata Tomżyńska, the manager of the shelter.

– The lizard was not aggressive and was brought to the shelter without any problems. The reptile was in a metal cage. The next day the owner came to get it – she said.

As we unofficially discovered, the owner had a dozen dragons in the terrarium.

The Gray Dragon is a lizard species found in the desert regions of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Southwest and Central Asia.

Seduction of the Roar from Słupsk

The howler monkey escaped from the zoo in the Charlotta Valley near Słupsk.

This South American monkey is gentle and harmless to humans, but as the name suggests, it howls incredibly loudly. Garden workers asked for help in apprehending the fugitive.

The animal was seen on national highway 21, among other places. It ran in front of the hoods of cars and then hid in the bushes.

The wanted roar looked exactly like his two colleagues who decided not to make a daring escape from the zoo: dark brown, almost black hair, body length about half a meter. The forest area around the zoo and the time of year certainly didn’t help in catching the fugitive.

In the end, zoo employees managed to spot a howler monkey in one of the trees. However, the monkey was so high that it was impossible to shoot him with a sleeping aid.

The keepers decided to outsmart the monkey. They brought under the tree where she was hiding a pot of boiled potatoes, which the monkey loves.

In addition, a monkey friend from the zoo also appeared under the tree, who had to convince the roar to return home.
All for nothing. The stubborn monkey wouldn’t be back for long.

She eventually succumbed.

A very soft Ptasznik from Pruszków

The tarantula escaped from the terrarium in 2019. The owner asked for contact. “The huge spider is harmless,” she assured him.

– Attention. I ran away from home, I am non-aggressive, gentle, please don’t kill me if someone meets me, please contact me – wrote a resident of Pruszków on one of the Facebook groups.

In the comments below the post was information that the spider probably broke the glass lid of its terrarium. He was able to leave the apartment through the open window. As the owner assured, the tarantula will not attack until it feels threatened.

zebra stroller

The inhabitants of Wąwolnica (Lubelskie Voivodeship) did not believe what they saw on Monday morning: a zebra runs through the streets of their town. The animal escaped from the mini zoo in Wojciechów and headed for Nałęczów.

– Before At 7 o’clock drivers started calling us and told us that there was a zebra walking through the streets of Wąwolnica. In general, it posed a danger to road traffic because she doesn’t know the rules, said Ewa Rejn-Kozak, a spokeswoman for the Puławy Police Department, jokingly.

Kurów’s agents immediately went to the scene. Meanwhile, one of the residents of Wąwolnica caught a zebra and took it to his house so that it would not be hit by a car.

After the escape, the zebra traveled 10 kilometers. How is this even possible?

– She must have been afraid of something, maybe someone shot something, just scared her off. We have been with us for 10 years and it has never been like this. It’s a good thing she was not injured and everything is fine – said the owner of the mini zoo in Wojciechów. †

Puma Collection

A cougar roamed free in Ogrodzieniec (Silesia). In July 2020, the services asked for caution from the residents of the Zawiercie district.

It was known: one of the estates in Ogrodzieniec had been left behind by a man with a puma. The police then conducted a large-scale search for the owner and his wild animal.

As the media of Asp. Tomasz Graboś, deputy press officer of the district police headquarters in Zawiercie, employees of the zoo in Poznań visited one of the residents of Ogrodzieniec. Based on the court’s verdict, they were supposed to take the puma from the man, but that did not work out.

– During the attempt to collect the animal, the man withdrew with the puma from his residence to the area of ​​​​the forest massif – asp. Graboś.

Almost all officers from the District Police Station in Zawiercie were involved in the search for the man. Police officers from the Katowice Voivodeship Headquarters also arrived on the scene.

Hunting for a tiger

In 2000, three tigers escaped from a circus near Warsaw.

The first information about tigers that had escaped from the circus appeared on the morning radio services. At the time, the whole situation looked harmless and even funny: three big cats run around Tarchomin and are herded to the Korona circus by the combined forces of the city guard and the police.

– Two have already been caught and the last remaining tiger has just passed the station on Wit Stwosza and is heading towards Legionowo. We should get to him soon – assured Waldemar Szczepański of the Capital Command press team.

At that moment, however, there was a tragedy. At the scene of the manhunt, a veterinarian was seriously injured by a bullet intended for the tiger. The shot was fired by a police officer during a manhunt.

The vet died on the way to the hospital, the policeman was later given a suspended sentence.

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