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In the correctional unit in Potulice, service dog guides organized a relief campaign called “KARMA WRACA” ​​for the Animal Shelter in Bydgoszcz. The lot of homeless and abandoned pets usually ends up in shelters. One is the facility in Bydgoszcz, which not only protects them, but also tries to find a new home for them.

The course and effect of the action

From March 21 to April 22, officers and civilian employees of the prison in Potulice faced the occasion and thanks to their empathy we managed to collect not only food, but also blankets, toys, treats, blankets, towels, dens, harnesses, leashes, collars and other supplies for animals from the Bydgoszcz shelter. On April 27, the items collected by the agents and employees were handed over to the employees of the shelter.

Four-legged friends need a home too

Of course, our modest donation is just a drop in the ocean of the needs that are necessary for the proper functioning of the shelter. After all, pets from a shelter need not only food, but also warmth and attention. It is certainly an important element to find a home for them, which is also done by the reception staff. That is why we recommend that you take a look at the shelter, because perhaps a four-legged friend will steal your heart and find a home. The donations were also supported by animals from Ukraine, who stayed in the shelter for good.

Service “on four legs”

In the prison in Potulice, two dogs – CAR and NARGO – serve “on four legs”. The Tsar is an assistance dog, ie a partisan and defense dog, his duties mainly include patrolling the unit’s area both during the day and at night, and supporting officers in carrying out protective activities, for example when opening a prison or a cell at night. The patrol and defense dog participates in the execution of convoys, patrols the interior and can also participate in the chases for escaped prisoners and in the search for people in hiding. They have another important task: they defend their guide. Nargo, on the other hand, is a special dog. It helps prevent intoxicants from entering the facility. Nargo’s official duties include searching vehicles entering the unit as well as people entering the unit. It also monitors the premises: cells, places of employment of convicts, visiting areas, utility rooms and correspondence, including parcels and letters sent by relatives of convicts. Nargo don’t let that fool you!

Dogs on duty

Not every dog ​​can serve on four legs – it must meet many criteria. After passing the initial tests, the dog, together with its assigned handler, undergoes training tailored to the tasks it will perform in the future. The duties of the officer directly caring for the dog include training, nursing, feeding, and caring for its health. Both the Tsar and Nargo – our dogs, are a great help in carrying out the daily work, it influences the maintenance of public order in the penitentiary. Their good training by the Guides Training and Training Department of Service Dogs of the Correctional Facility in Czarna, and the care and supervision of our officers – dog guides, gives us the opportunity to control a major problem, such as drug attempts across the country. smuggled into prison. This is an extremely important issue affecting the safety of officers as intoxicants can pose a threat not only to themselves but also to the crew.

Relief actions

Tsar and Nargo do their job very well. We’re all the more happy that they were another inspiration to help other animals. Helping is easy, simple and fun! It was the dogs from Potulice who inspired their guides – Senior Sgt. Filip Zlociński, platoon Michał Baumgart and Senior Cpr. Tomasz Dorsz is going to organize a charity campaign for four-legged friends under the popular name “KARMA WRACA”.

“This is our next initiative to help animals from the shelter in Bydgoszcz. We know their fate – being a dog handler is more than just an extra job on duty. This is where a bond is formed, we spend a lot of time with them and it just results in friendship. Tsar and Nargo are unique dogs!” – service dog handlers say unanimously.

Thank you

On behalf of the Potulice dog guides, we would like to thank the staff and officers of the Potulice Correctional Facility for their involvement in the campaign and the donated items.

Text: Capt. Agata Zmarlik-Kufel, Sec. Justyna Sejdowska-Szrajber

Photos: st. kpr. Tomasz Dorsz

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