Era of the Marauders – three movies better than “Fantastic Beasts”

The Age of the Marauders is a wealth of content for Potterheads, and sadly – completely untapped potential on the part of its creators. Sometimes it’s better than obedient to obey the fans.

Harry Potter it still has that something

Let’s make an appointment – Fantastic Beastswhich will eventually be released in five parts as a sequel Harry Potter it’s total nonsense. The last part, viz. Dumbledore’s Secretsmaybe they weren’t a tragedy (compared to the terrible one) The Crimes of Grindelwald), but in plot this story makes little sense and is only on my parole David Yates and JK Rowling, and these two (albeit for completely different reasons) find it hard to believe anything. There are no more plots there: holes in the fence, problems with chronology – and this was no cinema for effects.

It’s hard for fans to accept this for a very simple reason: Harry Potter it has a huge base from which Warner Bros. can pull handfuls. Sequels, prequels, spin-offs known from books, with famous heroes – even boycott Rowling it would be hard to resist if a movie about Sirius Black’s childhood hit theaters. And that’s not all: these ideas and concepts are bundled together, and many have already been turned into adaptations, amateur or semi-amateur productions, fanfiction or literary forums. There really is a lot to draw from, even if the creativity of the team working on the brand has run out. There are still people alive Harry Potter† And they are still waiting for a decent movie or series that will be like a little trip to the past – are just three turns enough?

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Marauder's Era harry potter movies prequel

The Age of the Marauders: Three Plots to Warm Up

The times of the Marauders are noticeably the most researched times of the fandom era in the entire universe Harry Potter† The books mention them enough to outline certain canon frames (and these are rather loose in the fan story anyway), and at the same time not to squeeze the best out of them. A win-win for the movie industry, because a story that isn’t fully told can be realized in a thousand ways – and no one will pick up that “it was different in the original”.

And I think the effort that goes into coming up with the concept of a movie or series is extremely small – certainly less than developing the entire script for Fantastic creatureswhich, moreover, has surpassed both the director and the screenwriters. As proof, I present three proposals embedded in the so-called erze Huncwotów, and that is what we want.

The Age of the Marauders – make it happen at Hogwarts

For a good start – a teen drama series at Hogwarts. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupine and Peter Pettigrew and their final school years. Learning animagia, clashes with Severus Snape, love story of Lily Potter. Perhaps a disillusionment with the image of James, who, after flashbacks in the book, sadly appears as an ordinary teenage bully, one of those stereotypically popular kids. Lots of meat, and that’s just the basics. There are a thousand ways to play it: create an adventure game that uses the resources of Hogwarts and Hogwarts, go into drama, focus on Lupine’s adaptation problems and his difficulty controlling werewolves, or cultivate extreme fascist tendencies (blood purity, of course). ) in families like Blacks, and even create a love story told from different perspectives and combine hero pairs – the most famous and the ones only mentioned by name in books. These Marauders-era ships have their own huge fan base – whether you put Marlene McKinnon alongside Sirius or Regulus Black with Severus Snape, I guarantee you’ll find EVERYTHING you need on the web to feel these stories fulfilled. Well – maybe apart from the official version that fans are still waiting for.

Marlene & Sirius [I Need My Girl]

The Age of the Marauders – The First Wizarding War

This thread is suitable for the series and for a multi-part saga. During the First Wizarding War, the ranks of the Death Eaters formed and Lord Voldemort grew in strength and prepared to take over England. Contrary to his plans and views, the Order of the Phoenix was created – wizards who, under the leadership of Albus Dumbledore, fought for justice and justice. Then came the dark times and their climax was the Dark Lord’s attack on the Potter house. Such a production could target older viewers, show more violence – I wouldn’t be offended by the category X. Officially the conflict flared up in 1970, but in practice it lasted from 1943: the field to show off is just huge. From showing Tom Riddle’s past and his transformation, co Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince very poorly portrayed, after Snape’s betrayal, the choice of the Potter’s secret guard, and the entire battle. Dirty, brutal, awful. Does the plot itself scream for the screening?

Marauder's Era harry potter movies prequel
photo: Harry Potter Wiki

The Age of the Marauders – the noble and ancient black family

I know Sirius is one of the most beloved characters in Harry Potter, but of his entire family, his brother Regulus seems to be the most interesting person to me. The one who was suffocated with full-blooded heritage, and the one who joined the Dark Lord to see him later, betray him and destroy his Horcrux. A spin-off about the Blacks would perfectly complement the image of their canonical characters and answer many questions. Why did Sirius break from the family traditions? What made him come to Gryffindor, and despite being raised in a bubble of toxic beliefs, he never identified with them? When the moment of remorse came for Regulus – did he hide his true feelings from the start and plan an attack on Lord Voldemort himself?

Marauder's Era harry potter movies prequel
photo: Wizarding World

Cast was long overdue — time for a Warner Bros. move.

As you can see – the outline of the plot is ready, all that remains to do is draw a captivating and captivating story that will captivate viewers for at least a few seasons (or parts). Even the cast issue has long been resolved. Ben Barnes as young Sirius Black, Aaron Taylor Johnson he was often tipped to be James while Andrew garfield cast as Remus Lupin. In the person of Peter Pippeling he sees the fandom Dane Dehaanwhile Regulus has recently been identified with Timothy Chalametem

Warner Bros. couldn’t have given more on a tray. And literally, and also in the zloty. I’m more than sure that any Marauders-era production would be a living goldmine for the factory. So? I secretly count on it – closing Fantastic Beasts will restore the discussion about the proper continuation of the saga. And that someone who really wants to resurrect her will see to it. With heart.

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