Animal welfare – Subsidies that should not be missing!

Farmers who want to make use of the packages 1, 2, 3, Animal Welfare – subsidies, will eventually receive subsidies after meeting the mandatory requirements. Of course, it wouldn’t be surprising if the changes aren’t worth taking into account when submitting the application.

The fact is that the rules for granting payments to animals, which have been popular for years, will be changed this year. Pay attention to the changes made to avoid social security deductions. In addition, payouts for options 1.3 and 1.4 of the Pig Welfare Package still cannot be claimed.

Animal Welfare – Variant Surcharges

The “Animal Welfare” action can mainly be performed under the following packages and their variants:

  • Package 1. Pig welfare variant:

– 1.1. Sow welfare – more floor space in buildings,
– 1.2. Welfare of finishers – more floor space in buildings,
– 1.3. Sow welfare – access to the living space, there will still be no recruitment this year.
– 1.4. Welfare of finishers – access to the living area; there will still be no recruitment this year.

  • Package 2. Cow Welfare Option:

– 2.1. The welfare of dairy cows – grazing,
– 2.2. Well-being of dairy cows kept in groups – more floor space in buildings,
– 2.3. Welfare of suckler cows.

  • Package 3. Sheep Welfare

– 3.1 Sheep welfare – more floor space in buildings.

Changes. Animal welfare – subsidies

There are also some significant changes in benefits. More importantly, some welfare requirements have been clarified.
The most important change concerns an option to increase the living space. The conditions for keeping animals are also implemented when animals not covered by additional requirements meet the minimum housing conditions in the rooms in which they are housed. More importantly, they don’t necessarily have to be buildings. The change will give more breeders the opportunity to take advantage of this fee.
In addition, a change is made for cows in the combined utility type. It consists of clarifying the deadlines for making appropriate changes to the animal registration and identification system. The conversion of the use type or direction of use must be carried out within 7 days from the date these animals are subject to the variant requirements.
The amount of reductions in social assistance benefit for non-compliance with obligations in terms of more living space is also changing. Finally, a three-day tolerance period is entered within the first interval.
In case of doubt, details of the procedures are of course available from the staff of the Agency.

Payment rates

Taking into account the regulations, the amount of the animal welfare payment under a given option is determined as the product of the appropriate welfare benefit rate and the basis for determining the amount of this payment. The payment takes into account discounts or exclusions resulting from the irregularities or non-conformities found. In short, animal welfare is encouraged and subsidies are only granted after verification.

new Packages and their variants The amount of social assistance benefit per head
Package 1. Pig welfare, variants:
1.1. Well-being of dungeons – more floor space in buildings PLN 301.00
1.2. Welfare of finishers – more floor space in buildings PLN 24.00
1.3. Sow welfare – access to the range PLN 612.00
1.4. Welfare of finishers – access to the pen PLN 33.00
Package 2. Cow welfare, variants:
2.1. The welfare of dairy cows – grazing PLN 185.00
2.2. The well-being of group bred dairy cows – more floor space in buildings PLN 595.00
2.3. Welfare of suckler cows PLN 329.00
Package 3. Sheep Welfare
Variant 3.1. Sheep welfare – more floor space in buildings PLN 133.00

Animal welfare subsidies yes, but…

In order to receive social assistance benefits, a farmer must meet basic requirements. In short it should have:

  • assigned identification number;
  • at least one marked and registered sow or cow;
  • an animal welfare improvement plan.

Detailed information is no doubt obtained by the farmer in the ARMA units.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that if the farmer implements the same variant in the year immediately following the year of implementation of a particular variant, he submits it Declaration of no changes to the animal welfare improvement plan† Strictly speaking, farmers concerned with animal welfare receive subsidies according to the above rates.
In addition, let’s not forget about transaction fees.
The amount of the amount earmarked for reimbursement of transaction costs incurred for the preparation of the animal welfare improvement plan must not exceed 15% of the welfare allowance paid for a particular variant and not exceed PLN 1,000 within one package.

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