Robert Gawliński RENT a house abroad to earn some extra money for his retirement. This is what his Greek estate looks like (PHOTOS)

Robert Gawlinskic and his formation Wilki have been active in the Polish music scene for many years. It is also safe to say that the team leader is not only lucky professionally but also privately. His marriage to Monika Gawlinska is considered one of the permanent elements in the domestic show business, and her beloved … Read more

The Laboratory Medicine Act divides the environment. What awaits diagnosticians?

Today’s Council of Ministers meeting includes: on the Laboratory Medicine Act The project of the Minister of Health has been positively assessed by the Governmental Analysis Centre The diagnosticians are not completely satisfied. The local government points out the shortcomings, but does not want the project to end up in the trash He published a … Read more

Cool places in Poland, perfect for the hot summer [5 propozycji] – Radio Weather – news, tips, information – listen to the radio

Find out where to go on vacation and escape the extreme heat. We present 5 places in Poland that offer bearable temperatures and coolness even in summer. Heat waves sweeping through our country are increasingly taking their toll on everyone. It gets hotter every year and in the summer it can even get dangerous – … Read more

Castle in Stobnica. The Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint against the discontinuation of the proceedings against Paweł N., Dymitr N. and Waldemar S.

The Pozna County Prosecutor’s Office does not agree with the decision of the court in Oborniki (Greater Poland), which in early June ended criminal proceedings against three – out of six – accused in the case of the construction of the so-called castle in Stobnica. According to the public prosecutor, the court assumed unfounded that … Read more

Virtual real estate market. Metaverse builds digital houses. Will brokers make a fortune off them?

Virtual reality is evolving faster than ever in terms of availability and sophistication, creating new markets with previously unknown business opportunities. Example? The investment volume in the global real estate market was approximately $3.38 trillion in 2021. So it’s no surprise that the metaverse is starting to build digital estates. Will agencies see them as … Read more

The case of the castle in Stobnica. The public prosecutor does not agree with the court’s decision

The investment of the Pozna-based DJT company in Stobnica (Wielkopolskie) is carried out in the Natura 2000 area. According to the PAP spokesperson for the Pozna district public prosecutor’s office ukasz Wawrzyniak in the opinion of the Public Prosecutor, the court took the unfounded assumption that there were grounds to terminate the proceedings against Paweł … Read more